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Imprinted Concrete

Pattern imprinted concrete is one of the most durable surfaces laid for driveways and patios. However, to keep it looking good it needs to be re-sealed every 4-5 years to prevent any loss of colour and surface deterioration. SBS Cleaning Services are one of the few companies in central Scotland who have the expertise to restore imprinted concrete driveways and patios.

Before any sealing of the concrete can take place, we clean the imprinted concrete with a powerful rotary headed pressure cleaner to remove any surface dirt or algae that may have built up over time. If the colour has faded over time, we can also 're-tint' the surface to create a even colour finish across the entire area. Re-colouring is done by mixing colour tints in with the sealers as they are applied.

To keep the imprinted concrete looking in optimum condition, we  recommend applying additional coats of Smartseal imprinted concrete sealers approx. every 4-5 years. This will help maintain the appearance of the imprinted concrete and help to protect your investment.

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